At Lochgorm we have over 100 rolls of vinyl in stock and thousands of samples to choose from. Colours and styles can vary dramatically so you can choose from tile effect, wood effect, plain and everything in between.

With the amazing innovations in viynl flooring in recent years it has become virtually impossible to tell the difference between tile,stone and wood effect viynls and the real thing thing. Add to this water resistance, slip resistance, wear gaurantees, ease of installation and most importantly cost effectiveness and it is obvious to see why vinyl is fast becoming a favourite for most homes. Vinyl can be used in all areas of the home and is an excellent choice for not just kitchen and bathrooms but also all living areas that are required to stand the test of the modern living requirments. Increasing vinyl is being selected for living rooms and hallways as a cost effective option with customers looking for wood or stone floors. As a result of this we have a specialist vinyl section offering ranges from £4.99sqm to our fully fitted packages that can carry up to a twenty year gaurantee.  

Are expertly trained staff our always on hand to assist you any which you require. We promise a hassle free service from begining to end. Some of the things that make lochgorm carpets the easy choice when looking for carpets are;

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